Meadow Camp

We resolve to shape our destiny together, through concerted effort, undaunted by challenge.

This settlement was destroyed by Healy on December 12th, 2021.

Founded 340 SR (2020/05/13).

Meadow Camp was originally an unincorporated group of huts that served as shelter along a hunting trail in a meadow between Feral Ruins and Sietch Tabr.

One day, Lusis carved and planted a totem pole amidst the huts, intending the act only as a personal test of skill. However, as a consequence of marking the area as a new settlement, Lusis was unable to return home to Feral Ruins.

Turning attention instead to building up Meadow Camp from a waypoint into a peaceful destination of its own, Lusis began welcoming new arrivals, offering aid and inviting them to become part of Meadow Camp’s future.

By 367 SR (2021/04/15), thanks in great part to the efforts of staff and guests, Meadow Camp became one of the most populous and active settlements of its time, while also ascending in favor before the great spirits.

The best among the camp staff showed consistent dedication to improving the camp infrastructure, gathering resources, encouraging others, and fostering goodwill toward other settlements.

Lusis would like to recognize staff members Catbert45, Nakalgar, Raznog, sheldonbunny, Uluu, and Vostok, for their valuable contributions to the success of Meadow Camp. Others who have been allies and friends, you are seen also.

Thank you – it’s been an honor and a pleasure.

May 13th, 2020 by Lusis in The Feral Hills