This settlement was destroyed by Turtle on February 16th, 2017.

Located in one of the more defensible areas of the world. Bastion is relatively remote and far from the abundant forestry of the Westwoods though it boasts a nearby stone quarry. It’s inhabitants have taken to mammoth hunting for their tusks which are prized for their use in weapon crafting and as offerings to the spirits. As Avalon also hunts mammoths Bastion has something of a rivalry with Avalon and occasionally attacks them. Newcomers are welcome but should know that the Feral Hills make for a slightly more difficult start than other areas though the members of Bastion are more than willing to help.


They attack any they happen upon. It is recommended that any who encounter Zahara daze them.

Our main competition in our hunt for mammoths. It is recommended that if you find any members in the Feral Hills you daze them as they may be preparing to attack Bastion. Be cautious when attacking members while out hunting or south of the hills for other reasons though as Avalon is organized and doing so will alert the entire settlement. Additionally we do occasionally work together with them when dealing with mutual concerns such as Zahara or zergs. If going south to deal with such things or for other reasons not competitive or hostile towards Avalon it is recommended that you inform their leader via a whisper and then again when your business is done.

June 11th, 2016 by Juraz in The Feral Hills